We have always dreamed of a large family full of celebrations, excitement, and love and can’t wait to share our lives with a new baby!

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Hiking to waterfalls in Georgia.

About Martin by Matt

Martin is a dedicated, patient, and loving husband and father. He is always looking for ways to support his friends and family and brings out the best in everyone her engages with. In his free time, you can find him (and Logan) working on projects around the house, gardening, or working on the Jeep! He has a passion for interior design, and he designed our new home and several of our friend’s homes. Always looking for fun, you can find Martin rafting ziplining, or jamming out at a concert!

Martin has a flexible career as a mortgage lender which allows plenty of time for family activities and adventures.

Matt runs a marathon in Napa.

About Matt by Martin

Matt is a vibrant, energetic, and fun-loving dad and husband. He has an amazing sense of humor and loves to make people smile. An amazing host, he is always cooking up new dishes for the family or hosting celebrations. Spontaneity energizes Matt – he loves to pack up the car and go on road trips or take the day off and go whitewater rafting. Matt has lots of tattoos and is looking forward to adding many more.

He enjoys his career co-leading strategic operations for a Fortune 100 company and is currently getting his Master’s degree at Northwestern University in Chicago.

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Both born and raised in San Francisco, we’ve been together for eight years.

In 2018, we were married and welcomed our daughter Logan three months later through open adoption. We moved to North Carolina to establish our roots. Together we’ve traveled to over 15 countries, seen over 30 concerts, and renovated five homes.

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Logan is a free- spirited, courageous three-year-old with a BIG personality. She is excited to be a big sister and has already carefully chosen what toys she wants to share with the baby!

Logan’s activities:
• dance and singing
• attending karate
• starting soccer in the fall!

Bedazzled beards and brows for the Kesha show!

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